See how to create the perfect make-up with our newest eyeliner


Paese present perfect eyeliner with waterproof gel consistency that becomes dry very fast. Formula rich in pigments let you create perfect vibrant coloured line. Extraordinarily ductile consistency makes application of the product easy and thanks to its attributes Artliner doesn’t smudge or make a copy on eyelids and it is resistant to attrition. It ensures perfect long-lasting eye make-up during the whole day.

daily make-up

Using the brush enclosed to set lead a thin line along eyelashes. Put the brush exactly at the eyelashes line drawing short segments. Start from the middle of the lid and head towards the outer corner of the eye, rising it up gently at the end of eyelashes. In the end fill out by drawing missing part in the inner corner of the mobile lid.

graphic make-up

Lead clear line above eyelashes, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one thickening the line at its ends, more or less from the middle of the eye. Thanks to that you will achieve three-dimensional effect and you will make graphic make-up, that will exquisitely emphasize your look.

smoky eyes make-up

Outline the upper lid with eyeliner, smudge it with the brush on the whole upper lid before the product congeals, achieving smoky eye effect. Outline a lower lid in the same way and proceed identically as you did with the upper lid. In the end strengthen the eyelashes line with the eyeliner. Put mascara on and the smoky eyes make-up is ready.

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