Bridal Make-Up 2016


Bridal make-up step by step by Sylwia Shiffman, Paese's make-up artist.

Bridal make-up is often most customer’s first professional make-up experience. One of the best things about bridal make-up is that it will not be affected by trends, as it links to each woman’s particular beauty and her individual preferences.  The wedding dress, the flowers and the hair are the only guidelines that will help us create unique make-up.  The most important thing for the bride is for her to feel like the most beautiful person in the world. They say ”the eye is the mirror of the soul”, which is why the eye was our main focus when preparing this make-up.  Subtle, elegant shades of white, beige and peach stand out due to their own strength and thanks to added shades of brown and black, a sharp line and fabulous eyelash volume.  Lips are used to provide a delicate background for the leading role of the eyes.



I prepared the model's skin by moisturising it with serum:  Paese’s triple hyaluronic acid guarantees an appropriate degree of skin hydration and elasticity so that the make-up is extremely durable (well moisturised skin doesn't “drink up” the foundation). After a little while I applied one of Paese’s highlighting bases that will subtly brighten the skin, and thanks to its sebum-absorbing properties it will ensure optimal make-up durability.




I applied Long Cover no. 1.5 liquid foundation to the face in order to harmonise the model’s skin tone with darker parts of the neck and cleavage (the face was much brighter). Next I highlighted the area around the eyes and face with Clair no. 4 light beige concealer. I thoroughly blended it with the foundation. I did not powder the face: I left myself an alternative so that I could remove dusted eye shadow without the risk of creating lines and “stains”, as is the case when clearing the skin, once we have already applied powder. This is a method you can try out when preparing intense eye make-up.






Having applied a bit of concealer on the eyelid, I applied a small amount of Paese's eye shadow base. I slightly powdered the eyelid (so that the base didn't "break down" the eye shadow). From the inner corner of the eye I applied white matt eye shadow Kashmir no. 601 saturated with pigments.



I added triple eye shadow Kashmir no. 681: 2 shades of beige and a beautiful peach which makes tone changes between the shadows more subtle and unnoticeable.


Next I applied brown matt eye shadow no. 604 in a neutral, versatile colour to the outer corner of the eye. Using the eyeliner pencil Linea which lasts up to 16h,  I applied a black line between the lashes and slightly over them, and then I blended it lightly with black matt shadow no. 602. This trick adds intensity and drive to the overall make-up, if that's the effect you want to achieve.



In order to give the eye a more intense look, I deepened the colour of the eye shadow.



The next step is an accentuated line. To achieve this effect, I used Paese's penliner. I powdered the face with rice powder which gives the skin a matt finish while absorbing sebum. I focused mainly on the T-zone: the centre of the forehead, cheeks and the chin. On the upper part of the cheekbones I applied Paese's powder glow no. 11 which gives the skin a beautiful and subtle glow without the risk of a sallow skin colour (which is possible if light shades of brightening products are applied to darker skin tones). With new Paese Artist Contouring Palette no. 1 I shaped the whole face: the brightest tone deepens the "wet lining" provided by the concealer, the warmer brown goes to the sides of the forehead, the bone area and possibly the sides of the nose, whereas the coolest one (relatively darkest of all) is applied below the cheekbones. If I choose to make the jawline a little more subtle, I mix the cooler and the warmer shades together so that they harmonise with the model's skin tone.



Blush – one of the most important cosmetics used by a bride – makes the skin look more fresh and natural. Here I used the versatile colour no. 51. Now that the face was powdered and shaped, I applied mascara to the eyelashes starting from the root and holding at the tip to achieve a curling effect. I used the nutritional extra black mascara Blacker than Black. Next I applied tufts of false eyelashes. I cleared the eyebrows of powder and I thickened them with brow wax setter Dark Brown no. 2.  As the model's face was harmonised (slightly darkened) with the colour of the rest of the skin, which is quite dark, this background is best presented with light, pastel lips. This is why I chose a pastel lip gloss from the Art Lipgloss  series. Additionally, we had more intense eye make-up which tends to steal the show and is best presented with a more delicate lip. In order to ensure that the lip gloss/lipstick stays in place, I used an innovative product on the lips: Colour Adapt  Lip Pencil, a white, transparent liner which efficiently prevents lip cosmetics from rubbing off.


SYLWIA SHIFFMAN - Paese's official make-up and styling artist.  Responsible for the image of many public figures and musicians.  Active stylist and coach, university lecturer.

Founder of the Sylwia Shiffman Image Institute.

Make-Up Artist: Sylwia Shiffman
Model: Magdalena Myczewska
Photo: Katarzyna Rzeszowska
Hairstyle: Olga Kasprzak

From the magazine "Make-Up Trendy" nr 2/2016.

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