New, fantastic highlighting pressed and repousse product. It allows you to beautifully emphasize the beauty
and natural glow of every woman. Available in 2 colours: 01 arctic, 02 champagne







Unique bronzer.Inspired by the sun, the mosaic bronzing powder will make your skin look like after a day on the beach ! Thanks to its natural shade, suitable for any complexion, the powder coat covers the skin with a beautifully golden tan without orange tint. Revolutionary multicolored formula easily spreads on the skin leaving the ultra-natural shade of tan. No smudges, no powdery effect, tanned and lightened skin. Mosaic Bronzer, allows you to adjust the level of opacity giving an amber, light finish without artificial, powdery effect. Bronzer is perfect for day and evening, it can also be applied to the eyes, neckline and arms, even more emphasizing and creating a tan according to needs.




Matte Perfection

For combination and oily skin

Foundation that gives a powdery, satin like nish and strong coverage. Doesn't clog the pores or overdry the skin. Blends in well. Mattifying microsponges absorb the excess amount of sebum, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid ensure a right level of hydration. Doesn't require to use a face powder as a last step.

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